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Why Video Games Are Special to Me

One can literally categorize gamers in so many different ways and for the most part, you probably wouldn't be wrong.  There is no definite way to categorize us as gamers because, at the end of the day, we are all enjoying an interactive medium that is like no other. 

A book is there and is meant to be read from front to back, and sure, there are many things to look at between the lines but that is all left to the imagination.  When watching a movie or a TV show, you are watching it through the eyes of the director and that is the only way to do so.  You can also hit play on a movie and whether you watch it or not, it is going to play all the way through.  A book will always have the same amount of words or letters in it whether it gets opened or not, and music, well you get the idea.

But when you pop in a game and start it, you may not even make it past the title screen.  And sometimes you might not even make it past the title screen, just ask any Metal Gear Solid fan about the f…

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